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Install the [New Apk] Smart Sound Profiles v2.8 – tutorial The Android Market apk file need to be installed manually, for that you don’t need to root your device, the installation process is easy and required only to download the Market APK file, then this downloaded file need to be transferred on your Android’s SD card, and after that you need to use a file manager for install the apk file on your device. In the forward lines, I will explain you a step by step guide. First Download [New Apk] Smart Sound Profiles v2.8 Apk file and save it in your PC. - Then copy and paste (transfer) the [New Apk] Smart Sound Profiles v2.8 APK downloaded file on your Android’s SD card device. - On your Smartphone open the file manager and find the APK file copied above. (A good file manager is ASTRO File Manager and you can download it from Google Play Store from here. - Now, enable “Unknown sources” from the menu under settings » Applications. - With the file manager application find the “apk” transferred file on the device’s SD card. - Now, tap on the [New Apk] Smart Sound Profiles v2.8 torrent modded APK file to install it. - Congratulation, now you successfully installed the Market APK v 3.4.4 on your Android device. Smart Sound Profiles v2.8


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Overview about Smart Sound Profiles v2.8

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: More audio functionality for your smartphone!

You don't want to be disturbed by your phone, but nevertheless you want to be able to hear really important calls/SMS from VIPs?

You want to have separated volumes for ringer, SMS and notifications?

You are missing the rising ringtone-functionality from your old feature phone?

You want your phone to ring louder when it is in your pocket?

You want to set group ringtones not only for calls, but also for SMS?

Then Smart Sound Profiles is THE APP for you!

✔ Custom ringtones and SMS/MMS sounds for contacts and/or contact groups

✔ Option to mute numbers which are not in your contacts

✔ Profile settings:

Ringtones: separated for calls, SMS/MMS, notifications and alarms

Volumes: separated for calls, SMS/MMS, notifications, alarms, media; system volume configurable in Android 4 and below

Vibration: you can separately turn it on or off for calls and SMS/MMS

With this, separated volumes for ringer and notifications are possible even with Android 4 (additionally, you can also separate SMS/MMS settings from standard notification settings)

✔ Rising ringtone volume (configurable for each profile)

✔ Android 4.3 and above: central sound-, volume- and vibration control for ANY installed App (e.g. Email, Whatsapp, calendar …)

✔ INDIVIDUAL SETTINGS (ringtones, volumes, vibration) for calls and SMS/MMS depending on contact and/or contact group. For example, you can define a silent profile but still hear important calls or SMS/MMS (white list/VIPs only), or vice versa you can mute only specific contacts (blacklist); any number of exceptions per profile

✔ PLUGIN for Tasker, Locale and Llama: activate sound profiles depending on custom conditions! You can also query for the currently active profile

✔ Icon in notification bar which displays the active profile and the current volumes; it also enables quick profile selection

✔ Configurable 1x1 app widget: shows current selected profile, enables quick switching to other profile and to start the main app

✔ You can assign an own icon for each profile (notification bar icon/app widget); symbols for standard, vibration and silent and several colors are available

✔ Second, louder volume for phone calls and SMS (Android 4.3+ also for notifications) when you phone is in your pocket or bag

✔ SCHEDULES: automated profile activation depending on time schedule and/or WIFI connection

✔ Backup/restore of all data

✔ Help with FAQs

Free version:


You should test the free trial version (SmartSoundProfiles Trial) on your device first. It will run for 10 days, then it will expire and cease to work.



✔ Modify global system settings: to set volume profiles and selected ringtones

✔ Read phone state and identify: to set individual volume depending on incoming number (VIP caller handling) and to unlink ringer and notification volume with Android 4

✔ Receive SMS: to set individual notification volume depending on incoming number and to unlink the notification volume from ringer volume (Android 4 ICS/Jelly Bean)

✔ Read contact data: for selection of contacts from system phone book (individual volumes for contacts – contact whitelist, contact blacklist)

✔ Network communication: required for WIFI-schedules

✔ Run at startup: necessary for the time schedules to work

✔ USB storage access: for backup/restore

Smart Sound Profiles with profile widget – volume profiles, group ringtones, ringtone profiles, VIP call handling (individual volume for special contacts), ringer & notification unlink and rising ringtone for your smartphone!

What's New

* Solves occasional problems (no ringing) when increased volume for upright device position is used

* Fixes problems in device deep sleep (occasionally delayed background actions like automated profile switching)

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